office sound masking systems

Speech Privacy

We are a Cambridge Sound Management Certified reseller and System Installer.

What is Office sound masking- Speech Privacy?

 Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive airflow-like background sound to a workspace. Similar to “white noise” this sound will cover or “mask” conversations in adjacent spaces. The sound produced by Sound masking systems mirrors the frequencies of human speech for optimal masking of conversations.

Why use Sound Masking? 

It’s too noisy, It’s too quiet. People are overhearing my private conversations.

These common complaints are indications of a sound problem due to poor workplace acoustics. All can be addressed with a custom Sound Masking System Installation.

What type of space can you install the system?  In virtually any workspace,


Open cubicle areas where distracting conversations affect productivity. 

Private offices, exam rooms & counseling areas where confidentiality is required.

Banks, pharmacies and waiting areas where sensitive information is shared. 

Doctors’, Dentists’ and other practitioners’ offices where privacy is essential in confined environments. 

Libraries and other quiet spaceswhere, because of the lack of background noise, every sound is distracting.

Open office area with cubicles.

Open office area with cubicles.